I worry

I worry How you will get home?

Whether your lessons are made?

Try: I would like to learn that the bathroom is washed already up.

I feel that me neglect when do not greet me.

Or: I want that greeted me when I come in the evening home.

I worry about you, and I would like to know that you will get home in perfect security.

Tell nothing!

This point entirely belongs to the list of events of life of the child.

There is a special kind of a question, from which we you especially we warn, is a question by means of which you check, whether will be the child to say you a lie about something that you already and so know.

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It did not need

It did not need You will always be my daughter, and I will always be your father.

He strong embraced her.

But Annie closed eyes, having pretended to be that sees nothing and does not hear.

It did not need the father who lived from it somewhere away.

She wanted the father who would live here, together with it.

She heard as the father silently went down a ladder, and began to cry.

Sometimes, thinking of divorce, Annie was tormented with thought that she made something like that that forced out her father from doma.

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Either physically, or morally, and is more

Either physically, or morally, and is more The silent child who did not prolazit, did not pass, did not doissledovat, did not test the strength, did not learn to quarrel, both to be on friendly terms, and to prove the worthiness, can at any time, at any nonstandard situation largely to break.

Either physically, or morally, and is more often both.

The quiet child usually reserved child: it gets used to be concealed to hide the feelings, to constrain the rushes.

And it is dangerous: not to know that for thoughts wander in his head.

At any time there can be an explosion.

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And by the end of the second

And by the end of the second Even to the yard did not want to leave with children to play.

And by the end of the second week it was so tired of the moaning, stickings and begging, what even strongly zaboklet.

In the first day after Igor's recovery the friend invited to the birthday, there Igor again had to want strongly.

This time Igor tried on a visit a chocolate pie ice cream.

More tasty in the life Igor did not eat anything yet.

Now even the most tasty food, prigoktovlenny mother, seemed to it tasteless and opposite.

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Neurotic These are psychogenic frustration which appear because of quarrels, the conflicts, the biting to death feeling of loneliness, any fears.

Neurotic reaction easily arises because of the endured event, sad or terrible for the person.

Can provoke it also different diseases thanks to those experiences which are connected with this illness.

Pushes to them also an intense rhythm of modern life.

And school loadings, alas.

And even more often they are found in the most unprotected at our children.

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